General Terms & Conditions

We state that each and every material that is posted on our website is the sole property of us (Fortune Enterprises). The entire data collected by us is secured under the copyright and intellectual property laws. We authorize no one to copy, transfer, use, exploit or distribute our property for any non-commercial or commercial purpose. Nobody is authorized for using our logo and name for any kind of promotion purpose as well.

We also do not authorize you to transmit any of content on our website that is obscene, unlawful, harassing, defamatory, or pornographic, that encourage misconduct. It will be considered as a criminal offense done at your end.

We hold all the rights for modifying or revising our terms and conditions and services without issuing any prior notice. We can also change product pricing, specifications, terms, and warranties.

Breach of Terms & Conditions

Due to any reason, if you fail to conform to the terms and conditions or our agreement, then all the rights granted to you by us will end with self-termination. By agreeing with the term and conditions, you will be responsible to protect data of Fortune Enterprises along with its subsidiaries, affiliates, business partners, employees, licensors, joint-ventures, and third-party data services.

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